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Simply Beautiful

Elevate your senses with our luxurious candles, where every flicker ignites a moment of indulgence and relaxation

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Alan Phillip Collection

More Self Love.

Confidence, Our Bliss

Experience the transformative power of scent and ambiance as our candles envelop you in moments of relaxation and indulgence.

Join us on a journey to redefine luxury, one flicker at a time. Welcome to Alan Phillip Collection.


We Hear Your Love

Absolutely divine! The Sweet Orchids candle whisked me away to a tropical paradise with its intoxicating scent. The wood wick crackles gently, creating the perfect ambiance for relaxation. I'm in love!


Moon Light is pure magic! The calming aroma of verbena instantly melts away my stress, while the wood wick adds a cozy touch to my evenings. It's like having a spa experience in the comfort of my own home. Highly recommend


Luxury in every sense! From the sleek packaging to the soothing crackle of the wood wick, these candles are a true indulgence. The Sweet Orchids candle not only fills my space with a beautiful fragrance but also leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. Perfection!


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